Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are Illinois Kids Ready for College When They Leave High School?

There has been some progress, but nobody should kid themselves that there not more work to do.,0,592173.story


  1. ee things related to teaching in that those who teach have no input on education policies. The administrators, who generally are not in the classrooms, make rules and teachers have to be parents, babysitter, referee, counselor all without... being able to enforce rules. Parents needs to step it up at home and be involved in their kids education. And budgets need to have the top-heavy administrator pay cut so more resources can be allotted for extra tutoring. IMHO...

  2. Is it realistic to expect every high school graduate to be ready for college? No, for a number of reasons.
    We might need to consider following the lead of other countries who are leading the world in math and science and divide our high schools based on student ability. Send the best students to be prepared for college and the less successful or motivated students to a vocational high school. Does that bother you? Does it go against the American Dream? Perhaps, but what we are doing now does not address the needs of our best students.


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