Saturday, September 24, 2011

Math and Science: Our Future

Hats off to the NewsTribune and reporter Matthew Baker for the article in the 9/23/11 edition titled Math+Science=Fun

 For anyone who cares about the future of LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam Counties, the State of Illinois, or the United States of America, you may not read a more important article this year or next.


Future job growth will be based on these skills.  The areas that develop and  keep these students will prosper, those that don't will wilt away to insignificance. It really is just that simple.

Every School Board member, every Economic Developer,  every Alderman and Mayor, every County Board member, every State Legislator, every Federal Legislator, every parent, and every homeowner should internalize the meaning and importance of this article and find ways to advance these principles.

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